Creative Expression and Knowledge

Albert Einstein once said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

Think about the opportunities you provide for students to demonstrate their creative expression and/or knowledge.

Food for Thought:

  • Exit Tickets
  • Daily Reflection at the end of each lesson
  • Frequent check-ins during a lesson
  • Increased opportunities for peer-to-peer discourse activities
  • Use of hands-on materials as much as possible

A Place Called Home

What are we to do when we encounter difficult families who do not support our efforts? It is of utmost importance to not give up. Remember, if we give up, the kids give up. We must not let this happen.

Think about a difficult situation you encountered with a parent and/or family? What made it difficult? How did you work to resolve the conflict?

We must accept the fact that a child’s family and/or economic situation has more influence than we do. As effective educators we must continue to be the best each and every day. What does your best day and/or encounter with students, parents and families look like?