Windows and Mirrors

Sydney J. Harris once said, “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”

Think about each and every opportunity you have provided for your students to “shine”. Think about different ways to recognize students each day.

Food for Thought:

  • Reinforce positive behaviors
  • Provide incentives for most improved students weekly and/or quarterly
  • Accentuate the positives with parents and/or families on a regular basis

Invite parents in for a “showcase


Author: taylormitch

Elementary Lead Teacher - Grades K-4

2 thoughts on “Windows and Mirrors”

  1. Great suggestions. You can always find something to find that is positive in even your most challenging students. I had one student a few years ago who had spent years of only hearing the negative. I started looking for things to praise him for no matter how small. His grades went up significantly that year and he was excited to come up n to class everyday. In June he told me it was the best year ever! Let’s help EVERY child feel that way.

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