Relax and Rejuvinate

My Fellow Colleagues,

With the start of a new school year quickly approaching, join me this week to take some time and be good to yourself.

Think about splurging on something for yourself, like that long overdue spa treatment or a day the beach.  How will you take care of yourself this week?



Author: taylormitch

Elementary Lead Teacher - Grades K-4

4 thoughts on “Relax and Rejuvinate”

  1. That is so true…the year can be demanding and you need to take care of you….so you can take care of your kids. .have a great and exciting year!!


    1. Yes, it all starts with us. If we do not take that time we need for ourselves before, during, and after the school year, we are only hurting our students and preventing them from being the ABSOLUTE best they can be.


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