We should always remember that ALL of our students, no matter what their capabilities, deserve the best. All students are capable of learning. Effective educators never give up on individual students. However, we should think about how we balance our efforts to help children succeed.

This task of wanting all of our students to succeed can become stressful at times. Hence, lies the reality that we are not able to solve every problem.   We must not forget that. What does matter is that we are getting our kids to progress in some way, shape, or form. Think about the student who had a 40% average coming in at the start of a new year. At year-end, this same student has a 50% average? Growth?? Absolutely.   It’s these small milestones sometimes that we should focus on and celebrate along the way.

Think about some ways you manage stress when it begins to become a burden for your day to teaching. What do you do to take care of yourself? When you feel overworked trying to be the superhero, what can you do? How do you turn that “stress” off? Have you ever thought about laughing with your students?


Author: taylormitch

Elementary Lead Teacher - Grades K-4

6 thoughts on “Stress”

  1. We started our day with an Idiom of the Day. The kids wrote in their journal what they guessed it meant and then we had a class discussion of their guesses and the meaning. It started the day off on a happy note with frequent laughs and only took about 5 min. The kids would tell you it’s “a piece of cake”.


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