Survey Says…..

During a recent class meeting with my 4th graders, they were sharing both their positive and negative experiences with all the mandated testing.  After listening to them, I posed three questions for them: 1. What is your perspective on testing?, 2. What is your perspective on being a 4th grade student?, and 3. What else would you like me to know about your feelings, as related to school?

In their words:


  • takes too much time
  • make it easier by cutting the amount of tests
  • would be so much easier for me if there were no time constraints
  • makes me feel stressed out
  • timing us makes us get worried we will not finish
  • short amounts if testing each day makes it easy
  • makes me nervous and anxious
  • could be easier if we had short breaks
  • pacing and timing make it difficult to focus and do my best
  • would be easier if my teacher could explain things to me when stuck on questions

Being a Fourth Grader:

  • is hard most of the time
  • makes me feel like a stronger individual
  • tough
  • fills my brain with information
  • a struggle for me
  • makes me feel like a better student
  • challenging
  • fun and easy
  • hard work most of the time

Other Feelings about School:

  • Great teacher
  • Need Recess
  • My teacher is firm and fair
  • Give me more independent work
  • Love my class
  • Why do we have assigned seats?
  • Gets better for me each day
  • Give me more homework
  • My teacher pushes me to excel and always do my best


How often do you “listen” to your students?  Do you take their feedback and act on it?  What have you done to actively involve our students throughout the day, week, and/or year?  Have you used their “voices” to make a positive impact on teaching and learning in your classroom and/or school?



Author: taylormitch

Elementary Lead Teacher - Grades K-4

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