Less or More

I find myself frequently reflecting on the Common Core Standards.  While there continues to be great debate over the effectiveness and/or usefulness of these standards, one must remember the deliberate intent of “raising the bar” in the hopes of narrowing the achievement gaps in both a complex and rigorous manner.

Three strengths of the Common Core Standards: clear expectations, rigor, and consistency, continue to have a huge impact on my teaching and student learning.  Specific examples include more active learning (i.e. more students doing and talking), increased amounts of flexible groupings, increased amounts of higher order thinking, increased amounts of cooperative learning and collaborative learning activities, and most importantly increased amounts of formative assessments to guide day to day instruction.

What have you done to adapt your teaching to the rigor and/or demands of the Common Core Standards in your day to teaching and/or planning?



Author: taylormitch

Elementary Lead Teacher - Grades K-4

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